Buck's Party Traditions from Around the World That You Can Borrow

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Does Australia have any strong traditions when it comes to a buck's night? There are the usual suspects when it comes to planning such a night. Perhaps you'll embark upon a bar crawl that features establishments where scantily-clad women twirl themselves around a pole. Perhaps you'll speak to a buck's party hire bus company so that you can keep the party going between venues, and also so that everyone can get around safely. There are a number of weird and wonderful buck's night party traditions from around the world, and perhaps you can implement a few of these traditions if you really want a night to remember!


The UK stag night is being increasingly replaced by the stag weekend. With the rise of the budget airline across Europe, many stags and their guests will jet away to a foreign city for a weekend of partying. Party cities such as Berlin (Germany) and Amsterdam (the Netherlands) are popular destinations, as well as inexpensive cities in Eastern Europe such as Prague (Czech Republic), Warsaw (Poland), and Riga (Latvia). This allows the groom-to-be to enjoy one last holiday as a single man. Australia's location means that visiting a foreign city for a stag weekend can be rather expensive, but a cheap flight to New Zealand might make it possible. There's also the option of visiting a domestic party city, such as the Gold Coast.


The German equivalent of a buck's party is called the Junggesellenabschied. It can be common for the bride-to-be to plan the evening for her fiancé and his friends. The German autumn/winter carnival season, where people wear costumes and have street parties in major cities has made its mark on the Junggesellenabschied. The groom-to-be and his guests will often dress up in bright, garish costumes as they go from bar to bar. So if you happen to be in Germany and see a group of men in costume on a night that isn't Halloween, you might be seeing a buck's party. You can easily choose a costume theme for your party, and this will make it easy for someone to not become lost, as you will easily be able to spot them if they start to wander off after a few drinks.


While the typical drinking and debauchery style of bachelor party is still popular in the USA, another type of party is emerging. It can be called a groom's shower, or even the "bro-dal" shower. It's the male equivalent of the bridal shower and involves the groom-to-be having a relaxed evening with his friends, where gifts are given. There's no real tradition when it comes to the gifts, but it should be something that appeals to the groom alone, rather than a wedding gift which is for the bride and groom. The groom's shower is a lovely idea if you want to celebrate without drinking to excess or visiting a strip club.

Your buck's party can be anything you want to be. It perhaps should not take place the night before the wedding, just in case a few drinks turn into a few dozen drinks.


25 January 2016

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My wife is heading up to Bali for some sort of health retreat, so me and the rest of the husbands are planning our own retreat - to the coast with fishing rods and beer. Everyone relaxes in different ways, and we love to spend time together having a beer and swapping stories of the biggest fish we've ever caught. We are planning a few different spots to make the most of the time we have away from home as it's rare that we can all go on holiday together like this. You have to make the most of the opportunity!